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COOLGRRRLS began in 1998 in an effort to promote female musicians of all genres, styles and talent levels. But what the site has evolved into has gone way beyond its wildest dreams. With many contributors worldwide, and a diverse audience of international music lovers, we are not only one of the longest running “grrrl” movement sites, but also one of the most popular too.
Coolgrrrls is currently being managed and developed by John and Betty Davenport. John, who is a guitarist/musician in his own rite, and Betty, who is a big music fan, decided that women in music needed a place of its own. A place dedicated to promoting and discovering music from female artists, as well as a place to share ideas, styles, and new inspirations.
Coolgrrrls is proud to offer you a unique selection of talented featured artists, editor’s picks, monthly columns, and interesting interviews, no matter what genre or talent level. Our vision is to share and promote women in music for the world to enjoy. So sit back and enjoy browsing our articles, past and present!
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