# 14/11/2012 à 07:14 elalawlnoda is one of leading web portal for Boats Sales in the world.
We specialise in advertising of BOATS AND YACHTS for Sale across the Globe. Our boats are advertised by Trusted Dealers and private vendors located mainly in Europe and US.
Search over 2000 Boats of all applications and prices. They include Yachts, Sailing Boats, etc... We also provide Advertising solutions, Auto-Notify Services and many others.
With the continuous and explosive growth of Boat Industry, trade and number of Internet users, continues to develop its online trade platform and provides the most Complete, Accurate and Up-to-Date information from Trusted Dealers on the Web.
Nowadays, is one of world leading B2B portal, specializing in bridging the gap between Global Buyers and Trusted Dealers.
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